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How to Connect TV to Your Computer or Laptop

Tired of the look of your laptop monitor or computer that is only small in size? Want to try streaming, watching or gaming directly on a larger-looking home television screen?

Easy! Just follow these ways to connect your TV to your computer or laptop.

Steps required:

  1. Check the video output port of the computer located on the back of your PC or on the left or right side of the laptop. Some examples of common computer/ laptop ports include:
  • Port S- Video : round shaped with open end
  • Port Composite : round shaped with a needle-like tip, usually yellow
  • VGA port : square box shaped and is the main cable from PC to laptop
  • DVI port: box-shaped and almost similar to VGA, usually for HD laptops
  • HDMI port: similar in shape to a USB port but more flat and long, generally for HDMI televisions.

2. Then check your television input port, also usually on the back, but it can also be on the left right side or the bottom on the outside of the monitor. Generally for new output televisions, the average can only use hdmi ports. As for non-HD TVs, they usually use cables with rounded ends such as Composite or Port S.
3. Once you know the output and input tips, look for a suitable cable to connect the TV to your computer or laptop in the electronics store. If the cable between the laptop and the television is compatible, then all you have to do is buy a compatible cable. However if there is no suitable cable for both devices directly, you will usually be encouraged to purchase a cable adapter to convert to compatible.
4. Once you get a suitable cable, all you have to do is connect the TV to your computer or laptop. Remember to turn off both electronic devices first so that things don’t happen.
5. Once connected, start to turn on your computer or laptop and television. Set the settings from the available menus, such as HDMI or PC. Also specify the resolution of the television so that it fits and does not break or does not “pull” the screen into black. If it fits, then the output from your PC/ computer or laptop will already be projected through your television screen.

If you follow carefully the steps above, then the business of connecting the television to your computer or laptop will be very easy. But if you have followed and still failed, here are the possibilities:

  • The specifications of your computer or laptop’s video card or VGA card are too low for new connected televisions. The solution is to replace the computer’s VGA card.
  • If the video output is perfect but the audio still fails, it’s likely that your television can’t support separate audio yet, especially for those who don’t already have an HDMI port. The solution is to use an audio cable, which can be paired between the computer or laptop’s audio output to the television audio port or additional speakers.

To facilitate the process of connecting your television to your computer or laptop, just contact the Electronics Store who is ready to help with all issues related to electronic appliances in your home.

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