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Myths and Facts Surrounding Child Growth

There are few myths surrounding child growth circulating in society. As a parent, Mother must be good at dealing with it, yes, because the name of the myth is clearly not fully supported by scientific facts.

Every mother wants to give the best for her child. Sometimes, information that is not yet clear comes from anywhere can seem convincing and easy to trust.

However, instead of directly believing in the information that the intersection of origin, Mother better be more careful and find out first the truth of the information from the doctor.
Myths and Facts Surrounding Child Growth

The following are some myths and facts surrounding the growth of children that mother needs to understand.

1. The child is silent means he is fine

Some people assume that if the child doesn’t cry often then he’s fine. But the fact is, being quiet and not moving much can also be a sign of a sick baby. So, Mother should actually check if the little one is silent for a long time.

Crying is one of the ways for your child to communicate or express his wishes. If your child can cry loudly, it means he is healthy and has a lot of energy.

2. Baby walkers help children learn their way

Not least we find the use of walking aids (baby walkers) in children of the age of practicing walking. Whereas according to the Indonesian Association of Pediatrics, the use of baby walkers is dangerous, you know, Bun.

The use of this tool risks making your child wretched, such as falling or falling, if not supervised. In addition, baby walkers are thought to make babies lazy to walk alone because they are used to using this tool.

3. Children talk late, later can also own

Some parents think that the child is late to talk is not a big problem because later the child will be able to talk to himself. Mother needs to understand, the ability of the baby to speak needs to be trained like the ability to walk.

So, this ability should not be waited until it can develop by itself. If your child is showing signs of late speech, ask for help from a doctor or child development expert so that they can get treatment as early as possible.

4. Watching TV too close is not good for the eyes

Most parents assume that children who read or watch TV too closely may experience a decrease in viewing power. In fact, so far there is no evidence to reveal that watching television too closely can make a child’s eyes damaged, you know.

But indeed, the habit of watching television too closely can be a sign that your child suffers from short-sighted. So, there may be other causes of short-sighted eye-sight that make his eyesight sharply decrease.

5. Formula milk is as good as breast milk

Not a few parents think that formula milk is as good as breast milk because it is affected by advertising formula milk products on television or magazines.

In fact, breast milk is clearly superior and irreplaceable due to its high nutritional content for child growth. In fact, breast milk also has antibodies that are not found in formula milk. These antibodies are essential to protect the child from infections and diseases.

In the age of technology development like now, Mother could have heard information about the growth of children from here and there. In addition to the above myths, there are many other myths circulating in society.

However, Mother must be wise and smart in choosing the information that will be applied to the little one, especially those about child growth. For the sake of optimal growth of your child, does it matter, dong, spend more time looking for accurate information and clear sources?

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